Monday, February 4, 2008

Pictures from Colorado Springs

This is a vew of my car on Saturday morning after that crazy snow storm that I drove through...
One of the best views between Colorado Springs and Keystone

Another shot from the overlook

Yeah, that's right...I was in South Park...and nobody named Kenny died...

This was supposed to be a shot of the mountains because they looked really cool behind the clouds, but apparently my camera phone couldn't cut through it well enough, but it's still a cool shot of some skiers...

The base of Keystone

Sheonaid says that she doesn't like this picture, but I like's very "I'll humor you for one picture, but if you try to take another one, I'll break my ski pole off in your...[well you get the picture]"

This is Sheonaid checking out the view...I think I'm gonna call this one "The Love Skier"

River Run Village at Keystone

This is Boots, Lynn's dog...apparently I was making too much noise during the Super Bowl and scared her...apparently I'm loud (who knew?)

This is Moxy, Amy's dog, he's freakin crazy! I think he has Short Angry Man Syndrome...he kept trying to prove his dominance even though I'm like 215 libs bigger than him...

This is a cloudy view from Sheonaid's porch

And this is a clear one...could you imagine living there and seeing that when you walk out your door every morning?


Kate said...

This is fantastic to to read and see your journey. I love your pictures. I have never enjpoyed a journey as someone was taking it. Thank you for sharing.
Be safe.

Anonymous said...

I was actually was looking for the whole quote about the journey and brought up your blog. I have a grand daughter who is 20 and she is so mixed up about what she wants to do in life. I used that quote in a pep talk to her and she wanted to make sure it was right. Your blog is great. I am 70 years old and I can tell you, the journey is what it is all about. I just finished the little book with Tim McGraw,s song in it. The short story of a man who found out he was dying and he said he hoped everyone got to live everyday like the were dying. I would really like to send her your blog, but not sure how to do that. I really enjoyed your blog. Mary Dehart my email address is if you have the time to send me the whole quote or how to forward your blog.