Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More Pictures - Santa Fe to Grand Canyon

Civil War Monument by the Palace of the Governors

Some great architecture around the Palace of the Governors and Railway Station

Santa Fe Southern Railway

OOOH! Train rides!

Scenery from the drive between Santa Fe and the Grand Canyon


KellyO said...

Ian, that Civil War monument photo is interesting. Of course, you see a lot of those around here, mostly in reference to the "war of Northern aggression."
But my favorite is the one right in the Fairport cemetery- "to those who gave their lives in the suppression of treason and armed rebellion."
So this is why they don't like Yankees...

friskman said...

Ian -
This looks great! I like what you've done so far with your blog.
You should definitely send updates (the links to your posts) to everybody back in Rahchahchah when you write them. Sign up for adsense, too. And, when you blog gets to be 90 days old, sign up with a few companies that will pay you to post.

We'll chat.

Lindsay said...

i looked back at the pictures after we talked and i can see the purple mountains - now i want to drive across country!