Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 8 - Santa Fe, Are You There?

Well today was a great day. I started this morning out waking up at Sheonaid's to an empty house because everyone was at work (I know, people actually still do that...), so I took my time getting my stuff together because I was going to go and check out Sheonaid's school.

When I got my stuff all packed up, I hopped into my car and headed over to Grant Elementary to go and see "Ms. V" in action (I can't tell you how wierd it was to hear her called that haha). It was really cool to get to meet her class and check out her teaching style. She's I really good! It's funny how much comes flooding back to you when you see a class like that. It's wierd how much of yourself you see in those kids.

After sitting in on a little math review, I hugged Sheonaid goodbye and hopped in my car to head to Santa Fe.

Now, the main reason I decided to head south instead of going west was so I didn't have to deal with the Rockies in the winter time, and I'm glad that I did, because, listening to the radio weather forecasts, apparently I missed a lot of snow. The problem is that I guess I didn't realize just how deep in the mountains I already was because it was a tough drive down here, I'll tell you. There were a lot of climbs that Laverne had a tough time dealing with. I started feeling kind of bad for her and slowed way down. How slow was I going? Well, the posted speed limit is 75; there were times that I was going 45. Thankfully the road was pretty empty, because there would've been a lot of really angry drivers on the road.

I have to say, though, it really is a beautiful drive between Colorado Springs and Santa Fe. I have some pictures that I stopped along the way to take that I'm going to post, and you should really check them out (I know I've posted a lot of pictures today, but I've been away from my computer since Friday morning).

So finally, I reached Santa Fe, and I got all my stuff into my hotel room, took care of some basic housekeeping stuff and got ready to go to dinner. And when I walked outside it had snowed! I'm in New Mexico, I thought it was supposed to be warm down here! I had no idea that it snowed in the desert. I mean, it's not like it's a lot of snow, but they don't seem to salt or sand the roads, so they stay slippery which is kind of annoying.

Anyway, I've heard from a couple different people, that I have to try New Mexican food because it's so good, so I tried it, and it really was great. I went to this place called Maria's New Mexican Kitchen, which is really big, but looks really small, and it has great food. I had the whole meal: salad, fajitas, dos equis and flan for dessert. Now, I don't know if you've ever had flan before, but it's really good, but it has a pretty strange consistency. But, when in Rome, you know, so I ate it, and now I can say that I've had a New Mexican meal.

I wanted to go and check out this place that I've heard so much about tonight, but, unfortunately, it's snowing and pretty cold out there (in case you haven't figured it out, I really don't like the cold), so tonight, I'm staying in, catching up on my blogs and tomorrow morning, I think I'm gonna try and get up early and at least drive around downtown before I head out so I can check it out.

But, for now, I'm going to go and play some guitar and watch some tv and get some good sleep so I can make the drive to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. I've got some more pictures up here, too, so check out the whole page today!

Love to all,


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