Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day 6 - Get Your Groom On

Well, I went skiing yesterday, and, I have to say, I think Grandaddy would be proud (he's the one who taught me how to ski). It was a little rough going at first, it took me a little while to start getting my ski legs back, but I finally did, and I loved it! I really forgot how much I used to enjoy skiing, and to be able to go in a place like Keystone (which is where we went, by the way) was amazing! The views were incredible; standing on the mountain (while getting my breath back), it was so cool looking out and seeing the Rockies in the background. Don't worry, there'll be plenty of pictures from the mountain (I was definitely that guy), and from the little village at base, which was also really cool.

We started out in a gondola that took us up to the top of the run, and I was freaking out. I don't know if you remember Nicholas Cage's character in The Rock as they were heading to Alcatraz, but that's what I felt like. Nervous, anxious, excited; it was pretty wild. (And, by the way, if you haven't seen The Rock, you should definitely check it out.)

So when we finally got to the top, we went over to the beginner hill, and got our skis on and started down. I was petrified. I'll tell you, it was wild. But finally, after a very slow start, I started to get the hang of it again, and was doing pretty well.

So when we got to the bottom of the other side of the mountain (which was where that run took us), we went back up, and we decided that we'd do this next run, and get some food. Unfortunately, to get to the food, we had to go down a blue run, which was the next skill level up. And, I'll tell you, there were no kiddie ski school "go slow" rules to keep these people from going whizzing by me at like 400 miles per hour, so I was all over the place, and since this was a really steep hill, I was going even slower than I was on the one before. But, finally, I got down to the bottom and met up with Sheonaid, who must've been waiting for like 10 minutes (and I only fell once!).

After lunch, we decided that it was getting too cold, so we'd do one more run and then head back (hoping not to get hit by the snow that we thought was coming). So Sheonaid says to me "we're going to be going down some blues, but it'll get us down fast!" (you know what else gets you down fast? FALLING!) So we headed down the mountain, and I was a little scared because of how steep and unleveled these runs were compared to the nice, easy green run that I did the first time; so again, I went slow. Thankfully this time there weren't as many crazy 5 year olds and snowboarders flying by me making me think I was going to die. I actually said to Sheonaid at one point "I think the Surgeon General issued a recent warning that says tumbling down huge mountains is bad for your health!"

But, finally, I made it down, and despite her best efforts, Sheonaid failed to kill me on the mountain ;-).

But that's not even the highlight of the day. Now don't get me wrong, skiing was a blast, and I'm really anxious to do it again and start getting a handle on those blue runs, but I'd have to say that the best part of the day is this next story.

We were on our way back to Colorado Springs, and it was a fairly smooth drive (I was actually asleep for a good part of it, but what I saw was fairly smooth). But about an hour outside of Colorado Springs, I look up and all of a sudden see police lights in the mirror. So Sheonaid pulled over, and started looking for her license (which was apparently at the bottom of her 10 gallon purse), and asked me to find her registration in her glove compartment, which was, of course, no where to be found. Meanwhile, she gave the officer a three year old insurance card, and I was still pouring through her glove compartment looking for her registration. So the officer told her that she was pulled over because she had one headlight out and was speeding, but she wasn't going to give her a ticket.

So we pulled away, and Sheonaid starts driving literally about one mile over the posted speed limit. Now Sheonaid's not a bad driver, mind you, which makes the fact that she was swerving around in her lane while changing a cd even more ironic, because about 10 minutes later, another cop pulled up behind us and pulled us over!

This cop told her the same thing, that she had a headlight out, but told her that she was swerving and was asking her if she'd had anything to drink that night (she hadn't). So she started looking for her license again which was, once again, at the bottom of her 10 gallon purse (I had found her registration (two of them actually) and had put it in a place where they could be easily found). So, incredibly flustered at this point, she found her license and handed it over. This cop did the same thing, checked her license, told her he wasn't going to give her a ticket and let us go.

So finally, Sheonaid decided to put her license in her wallet so she'd be sure to know where it was this time, and asked me to press play on the cd player and was driving the exact speed limit, when, less than five minutes later, another cop pulled us over!

At this point, I was laughing my head off because this was all just so incredible. So the cop walked up to the window, and told her why she was being pulled over (it was just for the headlight this time), and, laughing, Sheonaid told him that she knew and that another cop had just pulled her over and showed him his card. So he just let us go, and we started our ride back into Colorado Springs.

Thankfully, there apparently weren't any cops waiting to grab somebody any more, so it was a smooth ride back, and the rest of the night was pretty smooth. We went to dinner and then had a couple drinks and a couple games of pool and called it a night.

Today is the Superbowl Party, so it should be a good time! And tomorrow, I'll be heading to Santa Fe, so I'll be talking to you all soon! Go Giants!

Love to all,



Julie Beck said...

it sounds like you're having such a great time...and us snowboarders arent ALL crazy...I swear! stay safe and go crazy...not sure if you can do that at the same time but its good to know you're enjoying yourself!

Lindsay said...

i'm jealous, that sounds like fun! and julie is right - not all snowboarders are crazy:) but granddaddy would be proud - miss you bro